We must show love and compassion for our brothers and sisters, even though we may not always agree on everything. A nation stands together; and our strength comes from our diversity, not despite it. With the start of the month of Elul, everyone who lives a Torah-based lifestyle begins a time of soul searching. This […]

Typically when something happens to you, it’s easy not to see the potential effects it can have.  You just seem to miss it, because the weight of the event went unnoticed. Thus you don’t see the potential impact it will have on you, whether at that time or at some point in the future.  Events […]

We all get to read history, and we all get to study the Prophets. But, how many people actually get to participate in making history? And, how many not only get to witness prophecy being fulfilled, but get to participate in it? Now, THAT is what occurred in Florida, at the B’ney Yosef North America […]

In my own life, it played out a little differently. From my teenage years on, I was totally committed to living in Israel and taking an activist, even militant, approach to help and protect Jewish people! Many people wander through their entire lives wondering exactly what their mission on this earth should have been. Beyond […]


To be “united to restore” is more than just recognizing who the stick of Judah or the stick of Joseph are and working together toward any future reconciliation. Being united to restore is also recognizing who the many individuals are that make up each stick and learning how to stand united with them. An awakening is […]

Over the last decade or so, my family has been keeping the Sabbath and biblical Holy Days. We’re not Jewish, but we feel drawn to these days for our own reasons. In the process of observance and celebration, we consider ourselves blessed in many ways. As we annually cycle through the Appointed Times, we build […]

Any additional effort we put in that goes beyond the daily routine, beyond lip service and habit… tells God we love Him in ways words cannot express. As I have grown in my walk with God, many things have changed over the course of time. It is clear, as should be expected, that I am […]

The number 40 is a very intriguing number. It shows up 146 times in Scripture and it seems like it has 40 purposes. Testing, trial, probing, correction, warning, encouraging… it is likely we don’t even know all of God’s reasons behind the repetitive use of this number. For brevity sake, I won’t list every occurrence, […]